RIP To Stigma on HIV Within the Transgender Youth Community

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Despite living in a more progressive time period, conversations tend to be burdened by a mandate of silence when it comes to talking about how HIV or AIDS impacts the transgender community. According to GLAAD, a nonprofit supporting the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, aseuxal/aromantic community, the term transgender is defined as “an umbrella term […]

Atlanta-based Theater Company Trains Teen Actors for Silver Screen Success

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Do you know what Kyle Massey from “Cory in the House,” David Lambert from “The Fosters,” and Johanna Brady from “Easy A” have in common? They got their acting training and jump started their acting careers at Atlanta Workshop Players, a non-profit organization that offers film and musical theatre acting classes, dance classes, and voice […]

Treatment Options Can Help Curve High HIV Rates Among Teens

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Nearly 10,000 teens were diagnosed with HIV in 2013 and the rate continues to increase, especially for those living in metro Atlanta. According to the Centers for Disease Control, Atlanta is the fifth highest US city for new HIV infections. Additionally, in 2012 there were 26,743 new HIV diagnoses in Atlanta, with many cases affecting […]

Hollywood Magic: Celebs Can Help Spread the Message to Get Tested

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Keep reading for this compelling opinion piece by Jada. More than 1.1 million people in the US are living with HIV. About 30 million people have died from HIV & AIDS-related causes since its discovery in 1981. Roughly 1.7 million died of HIV & AIDS in 2011 alone. Out of all those people who have […]

Portraits of HIV: A college peer educator, an activist, a volunteer, and more

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          Toni Taylor, Health Peer Educator, Clark Atlanta University When I was a freshman, my cousin’s best friend found out she was HIV-positive. I remember my cousin calling me in the middle of the day, crying about her best friend finding out she was infected with HIV. It was surreal. You […]

Who Controls Sex Education?

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In this Q&A segment, we speak with Lauren Barineau on disease prevention, Georgia’s sex education policy and more. Barineau is a training and technical assistance coordinator at the nonprofit Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Power & Potential (GCAPP). She designs and delivers trainings for adults who work with youth related to reproductive health, effective sexual health […]

NBC’s All-Star “The Wiz Live!” Is A Beautifully Crafted Re-imagined Version of the Broadway Musical

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NBC’s “The Wiz Live!”, a television adaptation of the 1975 Broadway musical, “The Wiz” premiered on December 3, 2015 live from the Grumman Studios in Bethpage, New York to over 11.5 million viewers across the nation. The special was co-directed by dancer/ choreographer Matthew Diamond (who handled the television direction duties) and Kenny Leon (who […]

VOX, Moving In The Spirit Team Up To “Shake The Stigma” of HIV/AIDS

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Walking down the hallway of Carver High School in southeast Atlanta, my pockets stuffed with condoms and other merch, I felt good. Not only had I been enlightened with the gift of knowledge but I had also been given something more important — a great experience. VOX’s Dec 5 event, co-hosted with Atlanta’s non-profit teen […]