My Job Shadow at Perkins+Will!

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For my VOX job shadow over spring break, I asked to be matched with a job in the field of computer science. Computer science is the study of the methods, processing, hardware and application of computers. My main focus is in coding/programming. Every website, program, software or app that you use has been told to […]

Mentors: A Video Article

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I’ve always been a fan of how Casey Neistat styles his older videos, similar to Wes Anderson’s aesthetically clean introductions. So, I decided to challenge myself by attempting to replicate the style on my shadow day article. With over forty props, I managed to record the footage in the first take. So without further ado, enjoy the video article, “Mentors.”

VOXstrology: What’s in the Stars this Month?

  |  Topic: Horoscopes
Art by Kelsey Johnson, VOX Alumni

Aries- March 21- April 20:  Taking your problems into a headlock is what you do best, this month take the time to think out any problems you may have. Taurus– April 21- May 20:  Trust and reliability are your best features but you also like consistency, try doing something different. Gemini– May 21- June 20: […]

‘Nina’ Casting Reflects Colorist Issues in Film Industry

  |  Topic: Opinion, Race/Ethnicity, Senior Picks 2016
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Typically, when we hear of actors wearing wigs, fake teeth, prosthetic noses, and makeup that changes the color of their skin, outrageous characters such as werewolves, aliens, and witches come to mind. But in late 2012, fans across the country were disappointed to know that Zoe Saldana would require these cosmetic contrivances in order to […]