Sequels, Remakes and Reboots, Oh, My!

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Adaptations, sequels, and remakes have existed since the beginning of storytelling, and movies are no exception. This is an issue that has faced 21st century cinema for quite some time now: the abundance of unoriginal ideas. Why has this problem persisted and been ignored? Is it just a phase that we are going through?

Seven Things People Need for an Outdoor Concert

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Sunscreen: Sunburn is not cute and it can ruin your fun in the sun at the concert. Sunscreen can prevent the sun from ruining your good time and giving you  an ugly sunburn. Bug spray: When at an outdoor concert, it is good to know that bugs also live outside. Without spray to deter bugs, you […]

VOX Wants to Hear from You — by Friday!

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VOX would love to hear from Atlanta-area teens — by Friday — so we can share your voices and publish about the topics you care about most. Click the survey, and be entered to win an iPad mini.

With “Finding Dory,” VOX Unveils Top 10 Pixar Movies of all Time

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Whenever someone is asked to give an example of an animated film that is great for both kids and adults, “Finding Nemo” almost always comes to mind. When trying to figure out a film that brilliantly tells a story in a unique visual way, “WALL-E” is one of the best modern day examples of such […]