The Sights and Sounds of an Atlantan Ramadan

  |  Topic: Culture, Identity, My Story, Religion
Written By: Maya Martin
Mosque at Ramadan by Maya Martin

I wanted to spend the last week of Ramadan reporting on what I saw, heard, and tasted. I wanted to shine a light — a miles-wide, fluorescent, neon floodlight — on the positive that is evident every day to me in my community. I reported on Ramadan while remembering that no photo or soundbite can document the vastness of Islam in Atlanta.

Did Actor Johnny Depp’s Trump Assassination Joke Go Too Far?

  |  Topic: Entertainment, News, Politics
Written By: Assiya Abdul-Malik, Nya Anderson, and Jonah Singer, VOX Media Cafe reporters

“I definitely believe in freedom of religion and freedom of speech. But I think there’s a line that he crossed. “ That was the sentiment one Atlantan had Friday afternoon in the city’s downtown area. This was the reaction of a young lady in relation to the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor, Johnny Depp’s public’s […]

Atlantans React to DJ Khaled’s New Album ‘Grateful’

  |  Topic: Music, News
Written By: Gabrielle Campbell, Zachery Harden, Alexis Rogers and Amira Sledge, VOX Media Cafe reporters

With a 3.5 out of 5 album rating on iTunes in just 14 hours, on Friday, VOX Media Cafe reporters went to Centennial Olympic Park in downtown Atlanta to ask young people about their opinions on DJ Khaled’s new album, “Grateful.”