How To Make a Budget: The Fast and Easy Way

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The idea of making a budget can fill even the bravest teen with doubt and uneasiness. A video produced by Junior Achievement says half of all teens don’t know how to create a simple budget and one-third of Americans don’t pay their bills on time. It doesn’t have to be that way! Budgets aren’t something to fear. They’re tools that help you keep track of where your money is going.

YA Authors Share Inspiration, Advice for Young Writers at Decatur Book Festival

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Three of my fellow VOX teen journalists, Catherine Boyd, Thalia Butts, and Jason Crichton, had the chance to interview these authors as I assisted some other fellow teens with shooting the video. Each of these authors had interesting things to say about their work. I found all of their inspirations to be both relatable and fascinating, with most of their work being inspired by events and people in their lives.

Seven Things People Need for an Outdoor Concert

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Sunscreen: Sunburn is not cute and it can ruin your fun in the sun at the concert. Sunscreen can prevent the sun from ruining your good time and giving you  an ugly sunburn. Bug spray: When at an outdoor concert, it is good to know that bugs also live outside. Without spray to deter bugs, you […]