From Eating Bugs to Building Robots, Comics Creator Blue Delliquanti Discusses Her Art

  |  Topic: Art, Entertainment, LGBTQ, Q & A
Written By: Sireesh Ramesh

Blue Delliquanti is an illustrator perhaps most famous for her comic “O Human Star.” Her work has pushed the boundaries of comics, sharing the LGBTQ experience in her writing, and offering deep societal questions through her plots. She has gone on to be published in major anthologies and receive an Ignatz award nomination. Her latest […]

Teens Create Trump Zine as Creative Form of Activism

  |  Topic: Art, Opinion, Politics
Written By: Sharah Hutson, College of Wooster 2020, and the Wooster Anti-Racist Collective
Sharah Picture

The Anti-Racist Collective on my campus decided to put together a zine that delves into how we can come together during these next years. Even though many marginalized groups are being attacked, there are still those who sulk in their privileges and do not speak up for others.

Unity Through Art — High Museum’s 2017 Teen Convene

  |  Topic: Art, Atlanta Teen Voices, General
Written By: Sarah Kallis, 16, Holy Innocents Episcopal
Teen Convene

Events such as Teen Convene are especially important in the intense and divisive political climate that we are experiencing right now, because it encourages us to get out of our comfort zone, talk about controversial topics that need to be addressed, and connect with people who we may not usually have the opportunity to connect with.