McKinney Hits Home for Atlanta Teens

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Events in McKinney, Texas, have caused much uproar across the nation. What started out as a call about a neighborhood disturbance on Friday, June 5, quickly turned into police brutality against 14-year-old Jahda Bakari, who was forced onto the ground in her two-piece bathing suit by McKinney police officer Eric Casebolt. What some are calling […]

MegaBus or MegaFail?

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So, say school just got out and your parents want to send you to your Aunt Carol’s lake house in Richmond, Virginia for the fifth summer in a row. Usually, your siblings and your parents come with you, but this time it’s just you.

A Civil Rights Pilgrimage Into The Deep South

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Brandeis Bridges Fellows Take a Trip To Self-Discovery While Learning About The Past ¨I feel like I’ve seen a part of your souls,¨ our classmate Dahlia says to us. In our worn hotel room in Memphis, the words rest heavy with truth. I look around at everyone’s faces, trying to visually cement this moment in […]

Greatest Generation? Teens at Hapeville Charter Academy Weigh In

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I don’t strive to be different, I just strive to be me. And trust me, when you block all the haters, you won’t have to spend the rest of your life looking for yourself. When you’ve been with yourself since birth, the first time you took a breath, you just have to remember all the things you love, not just the things people love you for.