Is Pride School Atlanta the Best Investment for Your Child?

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Christian Zsilavetz, co-founder of Pride School Atlanta and transgender male, feels as though LGBT identifying and gender nonconforming kids should be in a school environment where students are able to “be, learn, and grow.” Pride School Atlanta is a K-12, private school geared toward students and educators who want a safe and encouraging education academically and socially. This sounds like heaven for any student no matter how they sexually identify, but in the court of public opinion the school has received national coverage and criticism.

Westminster Wraps Up Second JanTerm

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In January 2015, The Westminster Schools introduced JanTerm—an intensive, three-week course of study allowing Upper School students to focus on a single topic in great depth and at an accelerated pace. The school just wrapped up its second year of the successful program, which is well-liked by students and teachers alike.

VOX, Moving In The Spirit Team Up To “Shake The Stigma” of HIV/AIDS

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Walking down the hallway of Carver High School in southeast Atlanta, my pockets stuffed with condoms and other merch, I felt good. Not only had I been enlightened with the gift of knowledge but I had also been given something more important — a great experience. VOX’s Dec 5 event, co-hosted with Atlanta’s non-profit teen […]