Repeated Cycles and Injuries

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VOX Poetry Repeated Cycles & Injuries: Lust. Rush. Excitement. Disappointment. Everything I experience when it comes to you. I never know what to do anymore. I swear I’m going insane. I feel as though I should because you want me to But I know it’s not right because I wouldn’t want the hurt of being […]

Wale’s “The Album About Nothing”

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The DC-based artist Wale released his second studio titled “The Album About Nothing” which was influenced by his self-proclaimed good friend Jerry Seinfeld, who gives every song on the album an intro. Some are clips from the eponymous well-known 90s TV show (also called “The Show About Nothing”), and others are from the Seinfeld himself […]

My 4.0 Fell Off the Face of the Earth

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As my sophomore year comes to a close, I reflect on the past few months with a slightly sour taste. Sophomore year was a particularly difficult year for me, and the fact that I’m not exactly sure why bamboozles me. Historically, my strategy of heavy procrastination, intense cramming, strong determination and strong friendships has allowed […]

This Pain, It Hurts

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VOX Poetry Sometimes the pain you hold is worse than the pain you’re experiencing Both hurt … But holding it in, you have a chance to experience even more hurting. Trying to analyze How it happened What should’ve happened Why did it happen But then realizing … You remember that pain is still hurting and […]

Womb Doom

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VOX Poetry As soon as we come out of the womb We are born into a world of doom of responsibility and blame no freedom and no voice not ever given a choice expected to mumble and mumble to deserve nothing and be forever humble to carry the burden up a mountain and not tumble […]


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VOX Poetry The reason why she is the way she is, can’t seem to find complete closure. She keeps making the same mistakes over and over. She stands strong like a soldier, not letting anyone in her heart. She shows no emotion. You’d never know she’s hurting. You would never know how she felt. You […]