VOX Wants to Hear from You — by Friday!

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VOX would love to hear from Atlanta-area teens — by Friday — so we can share your voices and publish about the topics you care about most. Click the survey, and be entered to win an iPad mini.

10 Political Terms Teens Need to Know

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With election day coming up in just five months, VOX thought it would be helpful to share a few terms that might be helpful for our first time voters or any teen keeping up with the elections.

And The Winner Is … Our 2016 Oscars Picks!

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2015 was quite the year for movies: “Mad Max: Fury Road” gave us an uncompromisingly brilliant action hero (and yes, I am talking about Charlize Theron’s Imperator Furiosa) while Eddie Redmayne shined as the central figure in the long overdue story of one the first women to undergo gender reassignment surgery (“The Danish Girl”).  Meanwhile, […]