And The Winner Is … Our 2016 Oscars Picks!

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2015 was quite the year for movies: “Mad Max: Fury Road” gave us an uncompromisingly brilliant action hero (and yes, I am talking about Charlize Theron’s Imperator Furiosa) while Eddie Redmayne shined as the central figure in the long overdue story of one the first women to undergo gender reassignment surgery (“The Danish Girl”).  Meanwhile, […]

How Not to be a Problematic Customer in the Checkout Line: Seven Easy Guidelines

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I have seen a lot of crazy things happen while I’ve cashiered. As a cashier, you really can’t just say something bothers you, because, as the saying goes: “The customer is always right.” Right? Well, sure, but that doesn’t mean that they’re always angelic. So here is a list of some things that some cashiers […]

January VOXstrology

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Art by Kelsey Johnson, VOX Alumni

Worried about that unexpected baggage from 2015? Forget it! New year, new you could be your mantra, but check your VOXstrology first as Dallas delivers your January forecast for 2016. Capricorn – New Year, New You ? Not at all, the past is the past the future is well defined for you. Capricorn, you were […]