Securing the Check: How to Successfully Pay for College

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Written By: Kaleb Anderson
Grad Countdown Art from Vault

Just last year around this time I had kicked my feet up and was resting while my friends and fellow senior VOXers were full of anxiety, waiting for admission results from colleges. I had applied to more than 20 colleges/universities across the country — and for numerous scholarships. Everyone wondered why I was so calm and confident about the college application process, and my secret was preparation before senior year.

Teens Share Future Aspirations at Teens R 4 Me Conference

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Written By: Teens R 4 Me Participants

You will graduate from college. You will find a balance between being young and a parent to your siblings. I love you. You are truly resilient, boo. Never let someone else make you feel as if you do not belong. Always remember where you come from and the power of giving back.

How To Make a Budget: The Fast and Easy Way

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Written By: Arlena McClenton
Art by Mikael Trench/VOX

The idea of making a budget can fill even the bravest teen with doubt and uneasiness. A video produced by Junior Achievement says half of all teens don’t know how to create a simple budget and one-third of Americans don’t pay their bills on time. It doesn’t have to be that way! Budgets aren’t something to fear. They’re tools that help you keep track of where your money is going.