“Dear Self” A Poem about Body Image

  |  Topic: Atlanta Teen Voices, Atlanta Word Works, Health and Wellness, Poetry
Written By: Maxxe Albert-Deitch, 12th Grade, The Westminster Schools
Maxxe Albert-Deitch

Dear Self, When you stand in front of a mirror, your hands slide over your skin. Your fingernails never dig into your flesh, but make no mistake. You have never been gentle, and you spend this time ripping yourself apart. You pinch at your belly, and watch until the red marks of your fingers fade […]

Emory Youth Partnership Teens Speak Out about Leadership

  |  Topic: Atlanta Teen Voices, General, Health and Wellness, Videos
Written By: Emory Public Health Youth Partnership Teens
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The room at Emory was full of excited teenagers from different schools around Atlanta. The workshop was about leadership and about developing leadership skills while highlighting what a leader truly is. The interaction and engagement from the teens stuck out to me the most during the workshop. They all seemed so enthused to be participating and quick to share their opinions.

Is Sex Ed Failing Today’s Teens? A VOX Media Cafe Interactive Presentation

  |  Topic: Atlanta Teen Voices, Health and Wellness, Inside VOX, Relationships
Written By: Ariel Moffitt-Gates, Emma Farnham, KJ Carter and Nova Moffitt, VOX Media Cafe
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It’s an experience most students are familiar with: sitting in a room with 20 or so classmates, suddenly anxious to avoid eye contact as the teacher announces the start of their mandatory sex education unit.