Up Close and Personal with Kyle

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Throughout the night, the energy of the room kept increasing. Kyle pounded his bars through the mic, creating a constant hyper tangle of limbs, hair, and feet down in the sand. Kyle became a conductor on stage, throwing up his hands on a chorus and the crowd increased in volume, filling in the words. When he pointed out random fans in the crowd, on command, they let the lyrics flood out of every pore. He made sure we received the most out of him and that he received just as much from us.

The Freaks Come Out at Night

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I’m very comfortable with driving because I’ve had tons of practice with my parents on and off the highway. My parents are trying really hard to continue to give me the freedom to go where I please when I please, and they’ve been giving me that for most of my life and I am totally appreciative. But you know how parents are.

McKinney Hits Home for Atlanta Teens

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Events in McKinney, Texas, have caused much uproar across the nation. What started out as a call about a neighborhood disturbance on Friday, June 5, quickly turned into police brutality against 14-year-old Jahda Bakari, who was forced onto the ground in her two-piece bathing suit by McKinney police officer Eric Casebolt. What some are calling […]