‘And Still I Rise’ Teen Spoken Word Workshop & Poetry Slam

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Written By: Christian Stallworth, Holyn Thigpen and Mikael Trench
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The line to sign up for this poetry slam was filled with more than 20 teens anxious to take the opportunity. I realized teens are not usually allowed a chance like this and that when given this chance, they jump at the privilege.

Legends Don’t Explain Themselves

  |  Topic: Atlanta Teen Voices, Atlanta Word Works, Poetry, Race/Ethnicity
Written By: Rin Faith, 16, South Cobb High School
Rin Faith, 16, South Dekalb High School is on the far left

Over the past 8 years, I have gathered that legends don’t explain themselves.
Over the past 8 years, I have seen black pride spread out amongst the 50 states in waves of melanin love and afro acceptance…

Safe Spaces

  |  Topic: Poetry
Written By: Victoria Diaz
Safe-spaces by Victoria Diaz

Flowers must first crack through their seeds in order to reach the light, and that takes effort, but it happens naturally as a cycle of life.
I’d say so does our growth.

i talk about u to the sky. [cleave poem]

  |  Topic: Atlanta Teen Voices, Atlanta Word Works, Poetry
Written By: DeAndre Washington, 18, Atlanta Word Works Poet

Editors Note: Cleave Poetry is an experimental form of poetry that allows the reader to look at a poem in parts or as a whole. Both the left and right sides can stand as independent poems and can be read separately or they can be combined and read together.  DeAndre Washington is an 18-year old from Washington D.C. […]