Q&A With a Muslim Teen: ‘It’s unimaginable feeling unwelcome in the country that I was born in.’

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Written By: Jhoanna Anderson
Muslim teen Q&A

“I have always planned on going to a college in the U.S., but people have suggested looking at schools in other countries because of the current political climate in the U.S.”

Teens Create Trump Zine as Creative Form of Activism

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Written By: Sharah Hutson, College of Wooster 2020, and the Wooster Anti-Racist Collective
Sharah Picture

The Anti-Racist Collective on my campus decided to put together a zine that delves into how we can come together during these next years. Even though many marginalized groups are being attacked, there are still those who sulk in their privileges and do not speak up for others.

‘I Am Not Your Negro:’ How the Words of James Baldwin Still Ring True

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Written By: Jahleelah Shaheed

At an advance screening of “I Am Not Your Negro,” I thought deeply about the broken record of oppression that has a hold over black life in America. Racism is not over. James Baldwin knew it, modern black people know it and it is likely that those after us will know it.

My Response to the ‘Muslim Ban:’ Not Today

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Written By: Maya Martin

Hearing that refugees fleeing terrorism will be denied entry to the United States because they call themselves Muslim, angers me — to say the least. If racism and xenophobia are unfounded weapons President Trump plans to use to bat away terrorism, or at the very least people’s fear of the Other, then we will respond with protest and resistance, with colorful hijabs and Arabic that rolls off the tongue.

The Right Side of History, A Reflection on the Women’s March on Washington

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Written By: Tayler Simmons, Archer High School, 12th Grade
Women's March Piece

My family and I began the 10-hour drive to attend the Women’s March on Washington at 2 a.m. The day we arrived in Washington D.C. was the same day Donald Trump was sworn into office.

Youth Speak Out at Atlanta Social Justice March – A Roundup of Stories

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Written By: Haley Henderson, Sarah Lucas, Ogechi Ofodu, Holyn Thigpen, Mikael Trench, Becca Turner, Mack Walker
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VOX spread out along the route of Atlanta March for Social Justice & Women — from the Center for Civil and Human Rights to the Georgia state capital building. Here we present a variety of stories of youth, their protests and hopes.