This Valentine’s Day, Celebrate Your Platonic Loves!

  |  Topic: Advice, Love, Relationships
Written By: Jolisa Brown

Valentine’s Day gets a great deal of fuss. This seemingly arbitrary date between New Year’s Day and spring break incites couples everywhere to present some tangible token of their love to their significant other. Heart-shaped chocolate boxes occupy rows upon rows in the Family Dollar candy aisle. Cutesy fliers for the Valentine’s Dance are plastered […]

Real Teens’ Opinions on Dating and Relationships

  |  Topic: Atlanta Teen Voices, Relationships, Teen Dating Violence
Written By: Center for Black Women's Wellness L.O.F.T.Y. Crew
The L.O.F.T.Y. Crew, teen leadership program at Center for Black Women's Wellness, speaks up about healthy relationships, dating violence, and more.

Real teens share their opinions on dating violence, healthy relationship, and the relationship between gender and dating, in regards to the treatment of dating partners. The Center for Black Women’s Wellness is an organization dedicated to aid black women, as well as men in Atlanta, by providing resources and services regarding health. The CBWW also […]

Male Privilege Poem

  |  Topic: Atlanta Word Works, Identity, Poetry, Relationships
Written By: Ivan Silva

I have no clue why she would be dressed up this nicely at a train station but that is non of my business/ The point is that I wanted to complement her/ But being that most of my friends are women/I’ve heard enough creeper horror stories to know that if I didn’t approach her correctly/
I could go down in her own history book as another creepy ass guy on the train trying to holler/So I didn’t/I still don’t

Is Sex Ed Failing Today’s Teens? A VOX Media Cafe Interactive Presentation

  |  Topic: Atlanta Teen Voices, Health and Wellness, Inside VOX, Relationships
Written By: Ariel Moffitt-Gates, Emma Farnham, KJ Carter and Nova Moffitt, VOX Media Cafe
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It’s an experience most students are familiar with: sitting in a room with 20 or so classmates, suddenly anxious to avoid eye contact as the teacher announces the start of their mandatory sex education unit.