Generation Z: It’s a Bullet Journal World

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There are teens out there who have unlocked the key to success in and outside of academics. The keyword to their success is productivity.
You’re probably asking how or what do you mean or some form of that question, but that’s exactly what I mean.  

Here’s Why Fans Need To Have Tyler The Creator’s New App!

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When Tyler the Creator, in collaboration with Lloyd Braun’s Whalerock Digital Media, produced his own MTV/Cartoon Network-like digital media outlet, his most dedicated fans were ecstatic. Whalerock is a popular platform for celebrity apps, given that all four Kardashian girls use the same platform for their individual apps. The product Tyler the Creator yielded became […]

#Blackout Day a Way to Celebrate Blacks

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As an avid Tumblr user, I always look forward to the monthly #Blackout day, the most recent being June 21. On #Blackout, black people share, like, distribute, and reblog other photos of black people and culture. This project was started to bring positive attention toward the black community on all social media platforms. These photos […]