Paideia Teens Create Interactive Civil Rights Tour

  |  Topic: Atlanta Teen Voices, Education, Race/Ethnicity, Travel

Eighth graders from Jennifer Swift’s class at The Paideia School created an interactive map based on the Civil Rights Tour they took in February. While their photos and recollections from each stop are included below, for the complete experience of the trip enjoy the interactive Civil Rights Tour Map here.     On Feb, 14-15, our eighth-grade class went on a […]

A Year in Japan: My Study Abroad Experience

  |  Topic: Culture, Education, Grad Countdown, International, Travel

Even though studying abroad can seem out of reach, giving yourself the chance to experience a new culture allows you to understand your own from an outside perspective, develop unforgettable friendships, and overcome apprehension toward financial constraints. I ultimately decided to go for it.

Stuck in Rebecca’s Suitcase #5: Paradise in Prague

  |  Topic: Family, Travel

Rebecca, VOX staffer, shares stories from her family’s summer travels. She’s gone from the nation’s capitol to Broadway to Eastern Europe. Wow, Prague left me speechless. To say that it is the most romantic and beautiful city in the world is an understatement. Imagine if all of the most famous and trip-worthy cities got together to […]