Mass Incarceration in America — A VOX Media Cafe Mutlimedia Story

  |  Topic: Atlanta Teen Voices, General, Inside VOX, Opinion, Race/Ethnicity, Videos
Written By: Skylar Bass, Chris Rogers, Jhoanna Anderson and Quincy Jean-Louis, VOX Media Cafe
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We decided to tackle the racial disparities within the criminal justice system by conducting several different interviews, which gave us a professional, personal and general point of view.

Mentors: A Video Article

  |  Topic: Career, Editor Picks, Grad Countdown, My Story, Videos
Written By: Matt Kee
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I’ve always been a fan of how Casey Neistat styles his older videos, similar to Wes Anderson’s aesthetically clean introductions. So, I decided to challenge myself by attempting to replicate the style on my shadow day article. With over forty props, I managed to record the footage in the first take. So without further ado, enjoy the video article, “Mentors.”

How To Survive A Promposal!

  |  Topic: Advice, Entertainment, Relationships, Videos
Written By: Thalia Butts
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Now that we’re in the midst of prom season, promposals have been spreading like wildfire. There are so many options when you hear those seven unbelievable words: “Will You Go To Prom With Me?” If you ever don’t know exactly how to respond to a promposal, Liz and Prentiss from DeKalb School of the Arts […]

Teen Action Group Tackles Healthy Relationships

  |  Topic: Atlanta Teen Voices, Opinion, Relationships, Teen Dating Violence, Videos, VOX Investigates
Written By: Jahleelah Shaheed, Creekside High School
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VOX brought the mic to the Teen Action Group at Planned Parenthood Southeast, who spoke up about healthy relationships and preventing dating violence. Enjoy their video, art and writing.