‘Art Not Ego’ — Poetry Slams Unite, Share Truths, Create Acceptance

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By Ogechi Ofodu & Mikael Trench
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Poetry slams are one of the few places on earth that people of every ethnicity, orientation, gender identity and every other divider of people can gather and tell their personal raw truths and be accepted for all that they are.

Slam poetry exposes, it enlightens, it is a place to learn, to laugh and to cry with friends, family and strangers. Not only that, but the creativity in the art of Spoken Word (a mix of poetry and stage performance) can and is electrifying to watch and feel. I would recommend even if you do not frequently read or watch poetry, go to at least one slam in your life and you’ll be glad you went.

Save the date for the VOX’s Art Not Ego poetry slam finals! 

Saturday, April 29, 3-5 p.m.

The Art Not Ego poetry slam will be part of VOX-a-palooza — a free all-day showcase of teen voices, held at The Rush Center, 12-5 p.m. Contact Sarah@VOXAtl.org with questions.


VOX’s multimedia editor Mikael, 18, produced the video, and VOX contributor and poet Ogechi, 19, wrote the reflection. 

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