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By Taylor Scott, Elizabeth Andrews High School

Look in the mirror, how lovely you are

You take the time in perfecting your nature

Seeing not even a scratch or a scar

Your bright eyes show signs that you’re now mature


The way you wash your face and brush your teeth

You comb your hair and make sure you’re well-kept

The type of clothes, the shoes on feet beneath

The mascara, the brush that’s smoothly swept


The scarf you wear, that is placed on your back

From the way you smile to the way you move

No way, no how your style is out of tact!

Oh man, you put me in a “selfie” mood!


I am not trying to sound conceited

My flawlessness cannot be defeated!


Taylor graduated this week from Elizabeth Andrews High School. 


VOX thanks Donnette A. Cruickshank, English language arts teacher at Elizabeth Andrews High School for partnering with us this school year to share her students’ original poetry. 

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