Horoscopes for the Month of February

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Art by Kelsey Johnson, VOX Alumni

You’ve already found out Spring is coming soon, why not find out what’s in store for February. Dallas delivers your astrological outlook for the month below: Capricorn – This move is a period of slowing down for you Capricorn. The year may have started off great but now let’s slow it down and gain a […]

January VOXstrology

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Art by Kelsey Johnson, VOX Alumni

Worried about that unexpected baggage from 2015? Forget it! New year, new you could be your mantra, but check your VOXstrology first as Dallas delivers your January forecast for 2016. Capricorn – New Year, New You ? Not at all, the past is the past the future is well defined for you. Capricorn, you were […]

Is My Name Too Ethnic? How I Discovered What My Name Means

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Raven- Symone’, former Disney actress turned talk show host, spoke about her discrimination against “ghetto” names on The View. After watching a video about the top 60 ghetto names to name your child, Raven stated: “I am very discriminatory to words like that [alluding to the names in the video]. I’m not about to hire […]