Here’s Why Fans Need To Have Tyler The Creator’s New App!

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When Tyler the Creator, in collaboration with Lloyd Braun’s Whalerock Digital Media, produced his own MTV/Cartoon Network-like digital media outlet, his most dedicated fans were ecstatic. Whalerock is a popular platform for celebrity apps, given that all four Kardashian girls use the same platform for their individual apps. The product Tyler the Creator yielded became […]

Creationism or Satanism? Why You Should Listen to Tyler, The Creator

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Tyler The Creator

Although his music and productions offend people constantly, I admire the fact that he raps what he wants to rap about, and he produces what he wants to produce with no label director to answer to or a restrictive censoring agent. He is honest with himself and with his fans and I admire that, with everything he produces, he produces it only because he likes it and he thinks it’s good.