Millennials Made It Clear In 2016 Race: We Demand Better Than Establishment Politics

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Older voters have scratched their heads wondering why this generation has become so anti-establishment. One important factor is that many Millennials came of age during the recession. Many had parents who lost a job and opportunities that were once pathways to success disintegrated at the hands of a crippling economy.

Voting. It’s So Much Fun

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I attend The George Washington University in Washington D.C., and my dorm room is only a few blocks away from the White House. I find myself steering away from the political scene before it chokes me.

Bernie Sanders Gains Large Support from Millennials & Teens

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Bernie Sanders is possibly the most liberal Democrat to appear on voters’ ballots, much to the pleasure of younger voters in America. Sanders’ extremely liberal views on health care, women’s rights, and marijuana legalization are appealing to youth, even those who may not regularly follow politics, making him a standout among his presidential candidates. A […]