Taylor Swift Returns to Streaming Services, Reigniting Feud with Katy Perry

  |  Topic: Entertainment, Media Analysis, Music, VOX Media Cafe
Written By: Sian Stephens, Amina Farlow, Nyah Peebles, VOX Media Cafe reporters

VOX Media Cafe reporters headed to Centennial Olympic Park in downtown Atlanta on Friday afternoon to get feedback from people about Taylor Swift’s return and the impact it’ll have on the music industry.

Facing OCD Without Walking on the Cracks

  |  Topic: Atlanta Teen Voices, General, Health and Wellness, VOX Investigates
Written By: Hannah Shapiro, Galloway High School
By Claudia Belfiore, 17, North Atlanta High School

I’ve had my dose of jaw-dropping obsessive meltdowns, and to desensitize to these attacks, I laugh. If I don’t, I become an irrational mess in a hazmat suit, only consuming blue M&Ms and touching street lights so I won’t die. To overcome OCD, I can’t just survive. I must thrive.