Unity Through Art — High Museum’s 2017 Teen Convene

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Written By: Sarah Kallis, 16, Holy Innocents Episcopal
Teen Convene

Events such as Teen Convene are especially important in the intense and divisive political climate that we are experiencing right now, because it encourages us to get out of our comfort zone, talk about controversial topics that need to be addressed, and connect with people who we may not usually have the opportunity to connect with.

‘I Am Not Your Negro:’ How the Words of James Baldwin Still Ring True

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Written By: Jahleelah Shaheed

At an advance screening of “I Am Not Your Negro,” I thought deeply about the broken record of oppression that has a hold over black life in America. Racism is not over. James Baldwin knew it, modern black people know it and it is likely that those after us will know it.

My Response to the ‘Muslim Ban:’ Not Today

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Written By: Maya Martin

Hearing that refugees fleeing terrorism will be denied entry to the United States because they call themselves Muslim, angers me — to say the least. If racism and xenophobia are unfounded weapons President Trump plans to use to bat away terrorism, or at the very least people’s fear of the Other, then we will respond with protest and resistance, with colorful hijabs and Arabic that rolls off the tongue.

i talk about u to the sky. [cleave poem]

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Written By: DeAndre Washington, 18, Atlanta Word Works Poet

Editors Note: Cleave Poetry is an experimental form of poetry that allows the reader to look at a poem in parts or as a whole. Both the left and right sides can stand as independent poems and can be read separately or they can be combined and read together.  DeAndre Washington is an 18-year old from Washington D.C. […]

“The Radius of Us” Teaches Teens Realities of Immigration

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Written By: Emma Von Hoene, 14, The Paideia School
The Radius of Us

“The Radius of Us” takes on the difficult topic of immigration in a way that connects readers to the hardships people face in an attempt to find safety. It teaches teens about the realities of immigration in a way they will willingly read and understand.