Womb Doom

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Written By: Shva Star
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VOX Poetry As soon as we come out of the womb We are born into a world of doom of responsibility and blame no freedom and no voice not ever given a choice expected to mumble and mumble to deserve nothing and be forever humble to carry the burden up a mountain and not tumble […]


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Written By: Alexes Harris
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VOX Poetry The reason why she is the way she is, can’t seem to find complete closure. She keeps making the same mistakes over and over. She stands strong like a soldier, not letting anyone in her heart. She shows no emotion. You’d never know she’s hurting. You would never know how she felt. You […]

Greatest Generation? Teens at Hapeville Charter Academy Weigh In

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Written By: Hapeville Charter Academy YWCA teens

I don’t strive to be different, I just strive to be me. And trust me, when you block all the haters, you won’t have to spend the rest of your life looking for yourself. When you’ve been with yourself since birth, the first time you took a breath, you just have to remember all the things you love, not just the things people love you for.

Share the Mic: Cross Keys High Teens Speak Out

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Written By: Cross Keys High School with the Latin American Association
One Mic

I advise teens to please immediately talk to an adult. To not keep it in. I built my walls up. I painted those walls with smiley faces. I don’t want other teens to go through what happened to me. I want teens to know that you aren’t alone.

Civil and Human Rights Fellows Tackle Generational Differences

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Written By: National Center for Civil & Human Rights Youth Activism Fellows
One Mic

But Why Should I? Because if you don’t, then who will? Because this is a war and the casualties are high. This is a battle and everyday people die against against an enemy who is hard to beat but we cannot accept defeat.

GUIDE and Gwinnett County Parks and Rec Teens Share the Mic

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Written By: GUIDE & Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation
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I feel like teenagers today all have good intentions to make a difference in their community, but sometimes teens can distracted. As a community, adults and other teens, our mission is to help those who have fallen off their path of success and get them back on the road of greatness and accomplishments.

Creekside High School Teens Weigh In: -ISMS

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Isms 1

VOX presents our editors’ top picks of responses that emerged from the Creekside High School writing workshop, spring 2015: Marco DeSantos, 15 One big problem I have in my community is the way people judge another person by what they have on or what they look like. I don’t think that just because someone may not […]

Childish Gambino Wows Crowd at Centennial Park

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Written By: Alexandria Wilson, North Atlanta High School
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The performer brings over the top energy to his set opening for Outkast The view from the cheap (free!) seats outside the show.   After walking around almost the whole perimeter of Centennial Olympic Park last Saturday, looking for a place where I was in decent ear shot of the happenings inside, I finally found […]

YWCA “Let’s Talk About Race” Dialogue

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VOX presents our editors’ top responses that emerged from the YWCA “Let’s Talk About Race” dialogue, in winter 2014. Teens reflected on something new they learned at the workshop or took away from the dialogue. Ida Faburay, Chapel Hill Middle School I learned that it doesn’t matter what you like, what race you are, or what gender you are; […]