My Muse, My Band

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Muse NME

I remember the first time I heard their song ¨Supermassive Black Hole¨while watching “Twilight.” The guitar riffs and the lead singer’s vocals led me to look them up on YouTube. Listening to songs like the one from “Twilight” led me to listen to others such as ¨Uprising,”“Knights of Cydonia”and ¨Hysteria.”I instantly became hooked to their music, and eventually I listened to all of their songs (thanks to Spotify).

McKinney Hits Home for Atlanta Teens

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Events in McKinney, Texas, have caused much uproar across the nation. What started out as a call about a neighborhood disturbance on Friday, June 5, quickly turned into police brutality against 14-year-old Jahda Bakari, who was forced onto the ground in her two-piece bathing suit by McKinney police officer Eric Casebolt. What some are calling […]

VOX Media Cafe Kicks Off

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Media Cafe Interviewing

VOX is proud to present our fifth annual VOX Media Cafe (VMC) program for teenagers who live all over metro Atlanta. This summer, we will be hosting two different sessions with students from all over metro Atlanta in each. These sessions involve taking a deep dive into the realms of journalism, such as photography and audio.