What I’m Wearing — and Why

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By Troy Maxwell

My style is an extension of my self expression. Style is not about fitting yourself into a constricted space and inhabiting it for the rest of your life; style is fluctuating and fluid. Style is about the way in which you distribute and redistribute the pieces you have in your closet on a daily basis. Style is not about the pieces that you have hung up in your closet, style is the way in which those pieces are worn. I believe that what one wears proceeds them, however it does not have to define them.

Over pancakes at IHOP, my dad expressed that my mom used to sport a “Nautica white, with blue and yellow color blocks, short-sleeve polo,” which epitomizes my style. I often remark that my parents should have kept their non-existent children in mind before they did away with their apparel from their adolescence.

I love vintage clothing, specifically that of the ‘80s and ‘90s. I’m a Tommy Girl if there ever was one. I would be a walking promotion for any vintage brand if they solicited me — free of charge. Vintage clothing has a je ne sais quoi that cannot be found in clothing today. Vintage clothing implements expression and color in garments that, additionally, is not present in clothing today. The way I interpret it, vintage clothing wasn’t rooted in risqué, but simply looking fly and well-kept, around the way and approachable — just like so-called cool people.

I have no desire to dress girly. I love fitting unisex pieces onto my petite frame. When I shop, I venture to the boy’s sections subsequent to exploring the women’s section. My big brother has a great sense of style. The goal is for the pieces in my closet to look like shrunken versions of those in his. I like to look sporty, even when I am no participant of an organized sport. My style is a smorgasbord. I find it most beneficial to not categorize my style. I wear Vans, although I don’t skate. I sport t-shirts of bands that I don’t listen to. I wear a lot of t-shirts because there is beauty in simplicity. One does not have to be dressed in a blouse and a pants to be modish. It is important that I implement color in my wardrobe, yet, I am partial to navy and khaki, as well as the shades of white and black. If it was up to me the southeast would only experience winter all four seasons. Then I could sport long-sleeves, hoodies, jackets, jeans and boots year ‘round.

Since childhood, my mom’s words have reverberated in my mind when shopping: “Troy, always make sure whatever you wear you look cute in, but most importantly, make sure that you are comfortable wearing it.”

Troy, 15, attends Douglas County High School.

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