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Malcolm Walker, Audio Editor

Mack Walker is a sophomore at North Atlanta High School. Mack was
a summer intern for 2017 and has been working at VOX for more than a
year. He's an all-A scholar and a fan of all music genres. Mack has
covered topics like music and reviews, and the Atlanta March for
Women & Social Justice. During the year that he's been at VOX, he's
interviewed Killer Mike, Kap G, Domani Harris, the Osceola Brothers and
Kodie Shane.

Alexandria Wilson, Atlanta Teen Voices Editor

19. Flower child of the nineties and tree hugger of the two thousands.
My goal in life is to make the world a better place by empowering women
and improving the environment.

Kenneth Franklin, Video Editor

Kenneth is a senior at Druid Hills High School, an avid fan of Run the Jewels,
comic books, comedy and video games. And he's a lover of music and geek culture alike.

Jhoanna Anderson, Writing Editor

Hey I'm Jhoanna. I'm 16 and a rising senior in high school, and I'm this semester’s
VOX teen print editor. You can come to me if you need help with forming and or
editing your stories !!

Kaylynn Parks, VOX Investigates & Associate Video Editor

Kaylynn Parks is 16 and goes to Atlanta International School. She’s one of the video editors
this semester. Parks is in HL Theater, German, and English — and invites you to ask for help with
anything or even just to have a really interesting conversation. She’s super excited to be working
with you all.

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