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VOX ATLWith the #NBAdraft Behind us, VMCers take to the streets to find out how ppl feel about new comer #LonzoBall https://t.co/DdXlFi9zXS15 hours ago 0
VOX ATLWe are still moving toward our goal #30daysto30k the #summerofvox is #priceless https://t.co/fYpW8bxCJf https://t.co/b14d9EEOtK19 hours ago 1
VOX ATLMack talks rock, hip-hop & major influnences in his latest article #music #nirvana #liluzivert #atlmusic https://t.co/k0j1KuNHeP2 days ago 0
VOX ATLKayla shares her experiences @ the @HighMuseumofArt as teens prepare for the summer kick-off happening tonight 6pm! https://t.co/mkm4dSKWxW3 days ago 0

Mikael Trench, Multimedia Editor

Mikael Trench​ is VOX's Multimedia Teen Editor. He is a freshman at the Savannah
College of Art and Design, where he plans to major in animation. He has a deep
passion and love for all things cinema, especially animation, sci­fi, horror or anything
made by Quentin Tarantino. Mikael has created a host of claymation short films that
can all be found on his YouTube channel, ​Cyclops Studios​.

Jahleelah Shaheed, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Jahleelah Shaheed​ is VOX's Arts, Culture and Entertainment Teen Editor, and a senior at
Creekside High School​​. They are passionate about equality, contemporary art and alternative
music. They are also a queer teen artist and activist with a love for poetry.

Sebastian Van Erk​, News & Features Editor

Sebastian Van Erk is a sophomore at Grady High School. He was born in The Dirty South
on July 3, 2001, to parents of American and Dutch nationality. He has a keen appreciation
of street art, particularly the unsanctioned pieces outside of the conventional art world.
Sebastian also spends his time on the dangerous end of a hot piece of steel as a
blacksmith and metal artist. Sebastian has been member of VOX since
attending VOX Media Cafe at the tender angst-­ridden, prepubescent age of 12.
He has now matured into our features and news editor, and a devilishly handsome
young lad. When not “memeing it up” he can be found shredding gnar’ through the
ill­-paved streets of Atlanta.

Akhil Vaidya​, VOX Investigates Editor

Akhil Vaidya, VOX Investigates Teen Editor for our semester-long special about race​, is a senior
at Johns Creek High School. He is a self-­proclaimed foodie and enjoys struggling to speak Spanish.
You can often find him writing essays for fun, shouting at the television, or in the drive­-through line
at Taco Bell.

Ameerah DeChabert,​ Atlanta Teen Voices Editor

Ameerah DeChabert is a passionate individual who enjoys helping and inspiring others.
Her role this semester is to help curate the original content — poetry, stories, art — from
teens all around metro Atlanta through our Atlanta Teen Voices program.

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Editor's Picks
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