Q&A With a Muslim Teen: ‘It’s unimaginable feeling unwelcome in the country that I was born in.’

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Written By: Jhoanna Anderson
Muslim teen Q&A

“I have always planned on going to a college in the U.S., but people have suggested looking at schools in other countries because of the current political climate in the U.S.”

How the Election of Donald Trump Inspired Me To March as an Activist

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Written By: Holyn Thigpen

It all felt so real, yelling with others in the cold, November air, our voices surrounded in small clouds of heat and breath. To voice opinions and emotions I had pent up inside for so long was the best feeling in the world, and I could tell I was not the only one having such an experience.

Melania’s Speech Disaster Opens Conversation About Plagiarism

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Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 1.20.25 PM

As we go back to school, we can learn from Donald Trump’s wife, Melania Trump’s mistake of getting busted for having similarities in her speech to Michelle Obama’s speech in 2008. Words from the First Lady’s speech seemed to be mimicked by Melania in her speech at the Republican National Convention. In this video posted […]

This Week’s Top News Stories: Reported by VOX Media Cafe

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Written By: VOX Media Cafe July 2016 Participants
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The teens of VOX Media Cafe hit the streets of Atlanta to find out how Atlantans feel about the top news stories this week: police, the Black Lives Matter movement and the upcoming presidential election. Listen to their radio report here: Police This week five police officers killed in Dallas were honored during a memorial service. A gunman […]