Hollywood Magic: Celebs Can Help Spread the Message to Get Tested

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Written By: Jada Jackson, 16, North Atlanta High School
Magic Johnson

Keep reading for this compelling opinion piece by Jada. More than 1.1 million people in the US are living with HIV. About 30 million people have died from HIV & AIDS-related causes since its discovery in 1981. Roughly 1.7 million died of HIV & AIDS in 2011 alone. Out of all those people who have […]

Who Controls Sex Education?

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Written By: Kayla Smith, 16, Dekalb School of the Arts
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In this Q&A segment, we speak with Lauren Barineau on disease prevention, Georgia’s sex education policy and more. Barineau is a training and technical assistance coordinator at the nonprofit Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Power & Potential (GCAPP). She designs and delivers trainings for adults who work with youth related to reproductive health, effective sexual health […]

HIV Testing: Know Before You Go (part 2)

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Written By: Nahila Louis-Charles, 17, Homeschool
Jahleelah at AID Atlanta

“No one is responsible for your HIV status but you. You’re responsible for knowing it, taking care of it … staying HIV-healthy — and that comes first and foremost from knowing your status,” says Kendall Boone, a Greater than AIDS national ambassador, who works at Emory in clinical trials (where medications get tested for treating […]

HIV Testing: Know Before You Go (part 1)

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Written By: Jahleelah Shaheed, Creekside High School & Lizzie Likness, Homeschool
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  Jahleelah decided to get an HIV test to show how testing works for teens. AID Atlanta, one of many sites where teens can get tested for free, welcomed VOX in to experience, explain and record the process. For this video, Jahleelah first got tested off camera to go through the process with privacy. Everything […]

How is health being taught in metro Atlanta?

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Written By: Kayla Smith, 16, is a junior at Dekalb School of the Arts.
Original comic by Lucas Berger, 16, DeKalb School of the Arts

Atlanta has many school systems but few options for comprehensive health education Since sixth grade, my mother made it her mission to keep me informed about everything concerning me at the time. That included having The Talk every morning on the way to school, which was 15 minutes every day. Though I was miserable enduring […]

Teens Face Grief Together at Kate’s Club

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Written By: Video by Thalia Butts, 16, Dekalb School of the Arts
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VOX is proud to share these voices of Kate’s Club teens during Grief Awareness Month and #BlueNovember. To bring the mic to teens at your Atlanta-area organization or school, contact Rachel@voxatl.org. People Hide Behind a Smile By Trinity Powers Everyone is different, but similar in their own way. There are some children that have no […]

How Much Do You Know About HIV? Take the Quiz

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Written By: Miranda Mullins, 16, Duluth High School

When I took this quiz, I realized that I was so uneducated and unprotected against HIV — I was so miseducated, I was afraid to even be near a person with HIV. Coming from a school system that didn’t teach me anything at all about HIV, I was inspired to make this quiz to make […]

VOX Investigates Reflections After a Day of Production, a Month of Reporting

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Written By: Sharah Hutson, 18, Mays High School
V.I. Jason (at right) and Miranda (center) record an audio story for publication next month with support from GPB's Sean Powers.

The VOX Investigates fall semester team has been working diligently toward creating our special coverage of HIV and AIDS — including a print publication, to be released in December for World AIDS Day. Last Saturday, the team huddled into the VOX office despite the rainy weather to add finishing touches to all of the content. […]