Hollywood Magic: Celebs Can Help Spread the Message to Get Tested

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Keep reading for this compelling opinion piece by Jada. More than 1.1 million people in the US are living with HIV. About 30 million people have died from HIV & AIDS-related causes since its discovery in 1981. Roughly 1.7 million died of HIV & AIDS in 2011 alone. Out of all those people who have […]

Portraits of HIV: A college peer educator, an activist, a volunteer, and more

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          Toni Taylor, Health Peer Educator, Clark Atlanta University When I was a freshman, my cousin’s best friend found out she was HIV-positive. I remember my cousin calling me in the middle of the day, crying about her best friend finding out she was infected with HIV. It was surreal. You […]

Who Controls Sex Education?

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In this Q&A segment, we speak with Lauren Barineau on disease prevention, Georgia’s sex education policy and more. Barineau is a training and technical assistance coordinator at the nonprofit Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Power & Potential (GCAPP). She designs and delivers trainings for adults who work with youth related to reproductive health, effective sexual health […]

VOX, Moving In The Spirit Team Up To “Shake The Stigma” of HIV/AIDS

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Walking down the hallway of Carver High School in southeast Atlanta, my pockets stuffed with condoms and other merch, I felt good. Not only had I been enlightened with the gift of knowledge but I had also been given something more important — a great experience. VOX’s Dec 5 event, co-hosted with Atlanta’s non-profit teen […]

HIV Testing: Know Before You Go (part 2)

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HIV testing rights

“No one is responsible for your HIV status but you. You’re responsible for knowing it, taking care of it … staying HIV-healthy — and that comes first and foremost from knowing your status,” says Kendall Boone, a Greater than AIDS national ambassador, who works at Emory in clinical trials (where medications get tested for treating […]

Dear Readers: VOX Investigates HIV

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Dear Readers, As some of you know, VOX recently rebranded itself and reconstructed our entire program so we may best represent the voices of Atlanta’s teenagers. Along with this reconstruction was the birth of the VOX Investigates team. This team of teenagers took a semester-long journey into stories to produce print media, videos, audio stories, […]

Terminology: Helpful terms to understand HIV and AIDS

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Thousands of 13- to 24- year olds in Atlanta don’t know they’re infected. AIDS Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome is a condition that results in serious damage to the immune system. It is caused by the HIV infection. Antibody An antibody is a protein produced by the body’s immune system when it detects harmful antigens. Your body […]

How is health being taught in metro Atlanta?

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Atlanta has many school systems but few options for comprehensive health education Since sixth grade, my mother made it her mission to keep me informed about everything concerning me at the time. That included having The Talk every morning on the way to school, which was 15 minutes every day. Though I was miserable enduring […]