The “Rise of Sneaker Culture” Must-Sees

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Written By: Jahleelah Shaheed
One of the exhibit's first glass-walled booths of footwear contains sneakers such as the 2015/2016 Adidas collaboration between Alexander Taylor and Parley for the Oceans; the 2014 "Missions," a collaboration between GE and Android Homme; and a pair of 2002 Air Jordans XVII, complete with a matching case.

The highly-anticipated “The Rise of Sneaker Culture” made its way to Atlanta with a variety of shoes in tow to please both the seasoned art critic and the impassioned local sneakerhead alike. Atlanta, a city that acts as a hub for fashion, especially in regard to black fashion and the surrounding culture, is a match […]

“Life of Pablo” Delivers Minor Keys, Darker Tones For Kanye West Fans

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Written By: Ameerah DeChabert, 16, Dekalb School of the Arts

“The Life of Pablo” demonstrates where Kanye is at at this point in his life. His highly regarded 2004 debut album, “College Dropout” was young, new and fresh. This album is not as good as his first album, but it comes really, really close.

Twitter Wars: The Politics of Kanye’s Sexuality

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Written By: Jamaya Tookes, 17, Paideia School

If you were lucky enough to see the Twitter war that ensued between Kanye and Wiz Khalifa, you probably saw Amber Rose swoop in and mention how she recalls Kanye enjoying her putting her fingers in his lower orifice (read: butt crack) during sex, calling him a “fingersinthebootya**b*tch.” The chaos that ensued after her comment […]