From Casting To Camera Work, “Creed” Is A Winner

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Opening in theaters today, “Creed” is a great improvement on the original “Rocky” series. It builds on the basic elements that were established in “Rocky.” Watching it, you can see all the hard work put into making this film. “Creed” stars Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan), the son of the legendary boxer Apollo Creed. Adonis […]

The Life Lessons I Learned Watching “Creed”

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Creed (noun): A set of beliefs or aims that guide someone’s actions. When you imagine the old “Rocky” movies, what do you see? Fighting? Love? Determination? Do you even catch yourself remembering how all the odds were against him? Now, let’s say you either have never seen the “Rocky” movies or you have and are […]

Moving in The Spirit Educates Teens on HIV Through Dance

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VOX Investigates shares our special coverage of HIV and AIDS — kicking off with a teen-led dialogue and performance co-hosted with Moving in the Spirit, an organization educating teens through dance. Enjoy this story and their voices. The event invites teens from around metro Atlanta to learn about and speak up about HIV. Join us! When: Dec. 5, at 4 […]

Refreshing, Distinct And Witty, “Creed” Succeeds Where Many Sequels Fail

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Sequels and spinoffs are generally the most difficult pieces of entertainment to produce. This is mostly due to the incredibly risky and potentially futile idea of creating something better than the original. Spinoffs and sequels are often failures such as “Mean Girls 2,” “Teen Titans Go!” and “Sharknado 2: The Second One.” The reason all […]

Combining The Spirit Of “Rocky” With New A Vision, “Creed” Is A Must See

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Bursting with enough energy, spirit, powerful emotion and pure brilliance to match or even top the original 1976 Best Picture Oscar winner “Rocky,” the newest entry in the nearly 40-year franchise is a more than worthy follow-up. The film follows the story of the son of the legendary boxer Apollo Creed, Adonis Creed, as he moves […]

Poetry: As I Look Into Another’s Eyes

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I look into the eyes of another soul I see their heavy burden, the harshness of life’s toll Ignorant they scream and shout Without understanding their perception is stout The scape and they toil But never get the wealth from the oil Humanity and pride are things they hold dear Yet they contain no qualities […]

On His New Album, The Weeknd Evolves Musically But Remains Mired In Misogyny

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This fall, Abel Tesfaye, more famously known as the Weeknd blesses the world with his new album “Beauty Behind the Madness.” Although the album definitely contains elements heard in his previous albums, including “Kiss Land” and “Trilogy,” “Beauty Behind the Madness” shows a side of the Weeknd that hasn’t been heard before. Some elements that […]

Teens Face Grief Together at Kate’s Club

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VOX is proud to share these voices of Kate’s Club teens during Grief Awareness Month and #BlueNovember. To bring the mic to teens at your Atlanta-area organization or school, contact People Hide Behind a Smile By Trinity Powers Everyone is different, but similar in their own way. There are some children that have no […]

Pearl Cleage’s Latest Brainchild “Tell Me My Dream” Is Fast-paced, Lively and Inspirational

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Inspired by her middle school grandson’s boredom and frustration with watching live theatre, Atlanta playwright, novelist and civil rights activist Pearl Cleage decided that it was about time that she wrote a play that would change his mind. Thus, Cleage is giving birth to her latest brainchild entitled “Tell Me My Dream,” a play comparing […]